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Friends of the Hunters

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Falling Umbrella Resurrection Jan. 30th, 2007 @ 01:08 am
So, what's say sometime in the next month or so, we, the FUH, get back into things? I've been missing it a great deal, and I'm just about finished with this whole "healing" thing. I know we're all busy, and Mike, you're in an actual band now, but if we can find just one day to get back together and see what we've got, I think it'd be pretty sweet. This is a good band. I tell other people about it and they love it. I'd hate to see the genius go to waste.

So maybe in February sometime, just a day when we're all free and can really just go at it. We've got a pile of old ideas lying around we can revisit, jazz up, that sort of thing. We can perfect such classics as "The World of Me", "Nightbabies", and "Beef!" We can finally put into words and music ideas like "Shamrock Showdown." And if you guys have anything else to make music about, bring it to the table.

Perhaps 2007 is the year the world will finally hear the genius of the Falling Umbrella Hunters.

-Mister Hoskins, Genius

Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 09:17 am
The road is long, but and dark.  WE have yet to travel in the new lands in which we seek to find our fortune and perhaps yours fans.  There are wolves in those hills my firends, you can hear them cry for miles.  But that won't keep us from rockn' you to sleep my frienbs.  We'll sing you sweet lulabies and in your sleep dreams will come.

A warning from the FUH.

Feb. 22nd, 2006 @ 02:44 pm
Last Saturday was a musical oddysey for the FUH. Getting together after a long hiatus really brought out the demons... or "the music" as you folks call it. Myself, Headman Rob Coleman, and Funky Bassmaster Ben Chamberlin all sat down and wrote some pretty cool stuff. Axe-master Ryan Hoskins was sleeping during the whole thing, but after a few a lot of restless nights, the man deserves his sleep. Ben wrote it down, so we are all depending on him to not set it ablaze with his musical genius.

It's hard being the FUH sometimes.

NEWS: The Falling Umbrella Hunters will be performing at the annual "Stop Lupus NOW!" carnival in Coasta Mesa. Admission is free! It's in the Orange County Fairground parking lot F-5. Just remember "F" is for Falling Umbrella Hunters..... and "5" is for "5"! Show starts at 6pm! Come support us and have a beer or two afterwards. All proceeds go to the "Stop Lupus NOW!" foundation. It's a terrible disease.

Current Mood: Delighted
Current Music: The Pixies - Crackity Jones

Feb. 18th, 2006 @ 01:06 pm
Greetings FUH fans. It is once again time for musical genius to come together and rock your socks off. That's right. It's happening.

When: This Sunday
Time: Fuck if we know
Where: probably 3901 Parkview Lane #32B
What: Falling Umbrella Hunters
How much: Free

Come one, come all. Especially the band.


Sessions Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 02:03 am
Hello friends. It's me, Ryan. I know it's been a while since there's been any activity on our parts, but the good news is that all of that's about to change. I just returned from the first offical FUH writing session for the new album. It was amazing. Mike, Rob, Ben, and I all really poured our hearts into the music and rampaged through three new songs. Rob sounds better than ever, and on one of the new tracks, "Nightbabies," he really cuts loose and goes into Rob Halford territory. It's incredible. Also, aside from the three main songs we worked on today, Ben and I came up with a couple of new ideas that may grow into something later. Here's hoping!

We are still looking for a drummer, however. I know it's been almost three years since Hansi left us, but it is hard to replace someone of his talents... however... there is hope. A rather talented fellow named Eric has offered his services, so we may not be drummerless for long. So, we'll keep you posted on that.

I know we still need to get our website up, but give us some time. We'll get that back up and running as soon as we get recording. After all, we want you to hear some of this as soon as possible! We're dripping with genius at the moment.

Unfortunately, because of label disputes with C&P Records, we're having trouble getting our first album back into our hands. We've just signed with a new local label, BurningHugo, that I think will be much better for the band. But once we do make the people at C&P happy, we'll get our old songs back and put them up for you to hear as well. After all, we can't deprive you of the classics.

Well, that's it guys. Stay tuned for more on the continuing efforts to ressurect the Hunters. We're working as hard as we can so you won't have to wait any longer.

Take care!

Other entries
» (No Subject)
Unless you were wondering the hunters are kinda buissy with several things, including teaching themselves to read. Ryan has been hard at work on a six page hardbound book on toads, we are all rooting for him. Ben is righting the wrongs of the world in the congo and sends good words back to his brothers in america, and he claims he misses his cuddles with his pet lizard "beer can". Mike is dead. Eric was speaking to the queen of spain and had a plan to find an alternate root to the east indies. He sailed off in a ship and we haven't heard from him since, it's likely he sailed of the end of the earth; we all told him it was a bad idea. I've fallen pray to the idiot box, and now spend twenty hours a day watching soaps and reality television. It's research damnit! I'm trying to find my muse! Mike is dead.

Despite all our activities there is some progress towards a second record. Ideas and sounds are floating around.
Also, if you have been buying bootlegs of our shows on ebay or half.com i would recomend you spend your money in better places. If you give money directly to band members they will bestow happyness upon you in the form of an incantation, and a vinyle copy of the 2002 ep.

- tootles
» (No Subject)
spent the last few hours jamming to the sweet sounds of red meat.  There are new toys to be for everyone to play with here at the FUH and in a few days we shall have some new toons up.  That's right I used the other kind of toons,  FU nay sayer.  Either way progress is being made on what looks to be either a single or an ep.  Keep looking towards the skies.
» (No Subject)
hey i saw you guys play live and you were amazing! my favorite song was "beef" and "night time and the flying babies." it was hilarious and i definitely want to see you guys live again! let me know when you play! i'm your biggest fan!

rock on,

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